Monthly Archives: March 2016

While I was away …

OK, okay, I know it’s been too long, but I was busy (I know, just like everyone else) — I wanted to only post commentary here when I had something to say of merit; I neglected to include the needed space and time to compose my thoughts and generate a decent post.  So, I want to go on the record on a few points from the past year (or more), so that in the future, I can either state, “Hey, I told you so,” or figure out how to remove this post (kidding).

  • Donald Trump is providing a service to the American political system and perhaps to the world — in computing we call it “extreme test cases” that often bring to the surface omissions or errors in the system.  I am not sure, but I suspect it is just inherent to the idea of “majority rules,” that it is a practical substitution of the popular that is easy to get for the optimal, which is harder to achieve.  Fortunately, the system is dynamic, so there is a chance it will react in time to avoid whatever lies ahead or else adjust to it.
  • The whole Bill Cosby issue that (finally) surfaced show more system problems.  Not sure how to repair that one.  I suspect it will take a multipronged approach that may include empowering/encouraging/supporting women to ask for help (i.e., whatever they need), identifying such abuses earlier yet still balancing the old “innocent until proven guilty” maxim, and others I do not yet see.
  • I just saw the 30 for 30 episode about the Duke lacrosse team and the Durham, NC DA Nifong, and I must say that false accusations scare me.  I am a big believer in fairness, so I want the bad people to stop and be punished appropriately, but I want the innocent to avoid false accusations.  It seems society swings, initially ignoring reasonable reports, then overreacting, then swinging back…
  • I would like to be happy, or better yet, happier — my country, the USA, now ranks 13th, and Denmark is first, a country I did get to visit a dozen years ago and I can see why even though my visit was brief.  Perhaps is correlates to its relatively low inequality, another hot-button issue for me.

All for now, thanks for reading, and I will try to make more timely posts, and reflect even more before posting.  I appreciate your reflecting first before posting or commenting, but please feel invited to comment.