Monthly Archives: September 2016

The election from my view

It’s September 2016, the US election for president and other offices (including senator where I live, and yes, a swing state) is two months away, no debates yet but the poll I trust has HRC at 60%, Trump at 40%, trending closer as HRC had a bad weekend and Trump continues to surprise.  As a voter registered independent by choice, I try to look at policy and other statements made by the candidates, and make my choice on Election Day.

This approach has been hard to maintain given the disparity I sense between the two major candidates (yes, I know about Mr. Johnson and Dr. Stein, but I am not considering them in my discussion as they are not going to win; they may impact who does win though …).  I do not want to even try to speculate why someone would support Donald Trump — for anything.  All evidence indicates that he is not really capable of, nor interested in, “Making America Great Again.”  In my experience, someone who speaks in the manner he does, spewing verbal diarrhea at often the most vulnerable, is not worthy of anything but the most minimal of respect as a fellow human. So, no, I will not support Trump for President.

That leaves me with HRC, who has the credentials of a presidential candidate — education, experience, and intention.  I do find some of her (and her husband’s) decisions “not well considered,” and each mistake amplified by the innate instinct to hide it.  So there are trust issues (like with almost all politicians), but the Clinton’s issues look like they will remain even if she is elected (i.e., if she hasn’t learned by now …).

Still, the contrast is stark.  I just want my kids to know where I stood before the election.  I support HRC for president using logic first proposed by P.J. O’Rourke (you should read it, it’s funny). And no matter what happens, I will support the president until she or he does something that deserves my support of removal from office.  I also just saw this offer from Mark Cuban to have Mr. Trump explain the substance of his policies, that would be something to see.

BTW, I am now using the term “Trump gift” whenever I am given something intended to go to another person, and when I give it to them I take credit (e.g., “buying” a drink for someone from the open bar) — use it if you’d like, it’s my gift :).

Let me demonstrate, as I share this with you like I did it (but I did not): Here’s a creative way of expressing a political view, a four-minute video of a song entitled, “Seriously.”