Monthly Archives: December 2016

My College now, My Country in the future

From my previous post, one would be correct to expect my disappointment in the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  There are too many issues to discuss regarding the reasons for this surprising outcome, but for now, I want to share a quick note prompted by a post at the college where I (proudly) serve.

Haverford College, a historically Quaker institution, promotes social justice, including diversity, inclusion, access, and protection of vulnerable populations.  The President-elect and many of his appointees and supporters do not seem to follow the same plan.  In fact, there are many examples to the contrary.

I am proud (again) to share a statement from Haverford College in response to the current “climate change” that appears be occurring in our federal government.  I feel saddened that the College felt the need to provide such a statement, but glad it did.  I only hope that the people in power hear it, consider it, respect it, and remember it.

I am proud of my country and my college now, including the federal government — I do not agree with everything (e.g., drone strikes), but impressed at the competence, temperament and overall direction of the current administration.  And I want to remain proud in the future, I really do.